I have a jem505 and I decided to change pickups. I decided for Evo for neck, Injector bridge for middle and D Activator for bridge. When I buy them I want to experiment with different possibilites like series parallel and coil splitting. I know how to draw a diagrams for different wirings, that's not the problem. Before I have three switches in my pickguard to provide me all the possibilities, I want to know, which of them are accually usable. I'm thinking neck coil split, neck and middle series, neck split and middle series, neck and bridge parallel, neck split and bridge split parallel, neck split and bridge split in series, neck in parallel.
I want mostly good high-gain tones, bridge is for riffing, neck is for soloing, but I want to extend that. I also want the nice clean crisp tones, but leads are primary.
What do you think?
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See if this thread helps at all:

Personally, I would forgo all of those various pickup options for the sake of simplicity. The soldering joints you have the better imo. Also, I'm not clear why you would want to combine neck and bridge tones.

Anyway. Good luck.