Here is a link to a sample of it, but the one i want is 3in thick, 3ft wide, and about 8ft long.

My question is will it work the same as acoustic foam in a vocal booth? It seems like it would work very well for my home studio. Any insight?

Sorry of this is the wrong forum, i didnt know where else to put it
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Acoustic foam doesn't really do anything but add lots of reflections and reduce standing waves; it can be useful in reducing flutter echo, but that's really about it. You need A LOT of foam, in very high densities to do much good. The problems most studios have are in low frequencies, where foam is nearly useless.

In a vocal booth, it'd probably be okay, since you're going to cut most of that low end out anyway, and you want a more dead sound. I have no idea whether that foam would be as good, though
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Ya its going to be more for sound proofing and getting rid of the echo and roomy sound you get
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It won't do squat for sound proofing - hardly more than egg cartons will.

They will absorb reflections, I expect, but it is not acoustic foam. Acoustic foam is chosen for its particular properties. Furniture foam is chosen for its own properties.

I expect, if you just want to make one of those vocal "shields", it would be fine enough as a DIY solution.

You mention a vocal booth, though... that's different again.

What are the particulars of this vocal booth - size, construction, etc?

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