I'm going to be getting a new guitar kit relatively soon, and obviously it is unfinished / needs assembly. Now I know that usually changing the color of binding on a guitar is labor intensive and difficult, if its already finished. My question is, has anyone ever tried to paint neck / body binding on an unfinished guitar? The kit I'm ordering has cream binding on the body and neck, and I'd like to paint it black. I also threw around the idea of re-binding the body since it's unfinished, but the painting idea seems much easier. Any input / experience with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Painting binding can look ok, but you need to mask it off very well so it looks decent and stays the same thickness or it will look horid
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What type of guitar is it? If it's a Les Paul or anything else with a carved top, rerouting the binding will be a nightmare. The neck isn't even worth thinking about. You can always mask the surrounding area, then paint it over, but there's a lot of risk ^
I have had success with using leather dye on fret inlays (basically spread it on and then do a light clearcoat over it and it seems to stop it coming of really well)...i'm thinking plastic binding might be the same???...getting the black uniform would mean being really patient and letting each application dry throughly before applying next coat
It's a les paul style kit, just something cheap, and I'm sure the binding is ABS plastic. I've masked and painted a lot of things, I guess I was just looking to see if anyone had ever tried this before, or if there are certain things I should watch out for.
Maybe try a vinyl dye. It will actually change to color of the binding, and it's meant to do so. I don't know what it will do to the wood, so I'd tape it off very neatly and do lots of research. I wouldn't paint it personally.