I just bought a Rouge LX205B bass with my xmas money and Ive played a little guitar every now and then but I chose the bass because I already play a bass instrument (Ive played the tuba for for nearly 2 years). I already have a little Kustom amp i got from my brother when he got a bigger one. Anything you guys recommend to get on the right track? I have Rocksmith 2013 so i can learn a little.
I assume you can't afford a teacher and want to teach yourself.

Get your self some books. I started with this http://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.do?itemid=697289 and ended up buying the whole series. You'll learn to use tabs and be playing songs from the start. Most of the Hal Leonard stuff is pretty reliable.

Learn whole songs, not just the riffs.

Practice little and often, you know this already if you play Tuba.

Tell people you are learning bass, then you'll have pressurised yourself into getting on with it.

Find friends to play with. Bass is not so much fun as a solo instrument but propping up a band is great. Even a beginner can sound great playing with a band, there are hundreds of songs you could be playing with a band within a week or two, I've had beginners playing With or Without You by U2 within an hour and there are plenty more like that.

Don't ever get disheartened or give up, just by doing it you make progress. Even when you seem stuck you'll go back to something you were struggling with and find you have moved forwards. Just keep practicing.

Good luck