I have a 1997 Korean Epiphone Gibson les paul, it's standard 22 fret burst color. produced at samick factory. I really enjoy the sound of this guitar, and it is the loudest electric I have heard when it is not plugged into an amp. However I now own a custom prophecy gx that suits me slightly better for metal, So I threw it up for trade, and am being offered a Taylor gs mini mahogany top with soft hard case for it. (mine has a traditional epiphone hard shell case). Is this a decent deal?

What I want in an acoustic, is low action that way I don't grind my fingertips off or have to strain to play. As well a crisp clear defined sound. I play more towards Standard E or drop D, and use a pretty thick pick. I cannot play guitar with my fingers so well.

Thanks for advice!
I would pass on that trade. Taylor GS minis are decent, but not that good.

If you want a low action acoustic, look at Ovation (not Applause). They are easy to play, rugged, and sound great plugged in.
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