So I decided to go and take a risk and got my self a new 2014 LP studio. Been GASing for a LP for a while now and so far after spending the day with this all I can say is WOW! Here's the pics. Excuse the crappy iphone pics.

Body: Mahogany /“Modern” weight relief
Top: Figured A maple
Neck: Maple, 60’s Slim Profile
Fingerboard: Rosewood, Trapezoid Inlays
Finish: Vintage Gloss topcoat
Hardware: Chrome tune-o-matic, Vintage style tuners
Electronics: Chrome 490R/490T w/coil tap and orange drop capacitors
Banner inlay on all instruments at the 12th fret
Max grip speed knobs
New extra large strap button
Cleartone coated strings
Graph Tech nut
Cryogenic treated fret wire

REVIEW: I got the guitar out of the box expecting it to need a set up especially afeter reading some of the Gibson QC horror stories, but to my surprise the guitar was in tune with not fret buzz or any issues and the action was nice and low. Great fret work with no issues. The QC on this LP really renewed my faith in buying new Gibsons.

SOUND: Loving the 490t/r pickups. Normally i play metal and I was a little worried since i've never used an alnico ii pup but the bridge pickup is nice and clear with and without distortion perfect for leads and the neck pickup has a sweet creamy tone to it that i love that when using the coil tap give this nice vintage Cream like tone but still has enough dirt to really rock out when in full humbucker mode. Compared to my V its brighter due to the maple cap/neck, however the V is more agressive but that's due to the pickups in it. Finally Sustain wise it's almost Spinal tap-esque beating out my ec-1000 and my V. AMP used was an Egnater Rebel 20 head/cab with a TS808 and Bad Horsey wah.

FEEL: Biggest difference is the maple neck. I've always been a user of mahogany necks but always wanted a maple neck les paul like on the ZW LP. Compared to my V's neck the LP feels more solid and the neck is slightly thicker, but IMO the maple neck goes great on a LP it's more durable and brightens up the tone. Haven't weighed it properly but it weighs more than my ec-1000 and is heavier than my V.

OVERALL: The pictures from my crappy iphone dont do it justice it looks a lot nicer in person than online. Some people have complained about the 12th fret inlay but i actually kind of like it. This guitar is greatfor the $ and for those looking for a solid LP i recommend them especially when they hit the used market. I'll try to to another proper review after i've had it for a while and gigged with it.

For those interested in more pics just say so and i'll try to get proper ones taken later on.
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I'm really excited about Gibson's new Les Paul-models this year. They look really good and I'd love to have one of them. I just hope they are available for a while - the first Tribute-series looked really good, but then they changed them into the really hideous models of 2013. I sort of expect the 2015 models to be the ugliest guitars ever made...
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