I'm totally detached from acoustic/country norms but if not, to me, I'd suggest bolder rhythms. Being a amateur writer I always feel that the melodies written turn out awkwardly slow if not pretty predictable when reviewing. Get a mindset that your jumping into a new rhythm set even if it's just for a group of notes or two. Also, get a few bars of melody that stands out, sort of like a catchphrase. Plateaued melodies consisting of repeating melodies with only differing notes at the end are kinda no to me. Lastly, I like to write lyrics first, being bold in the number of syllables, or to put random things like repeating words or "yeah"s and "oh"s. I find that melodies come naturally from that.
Hopefully my opinion doesn't stray too far from what you're looking for. I'm new to the songwriting community because I make songs by my own and don't get much exposure to others' works; so these are just my point of views ^^
That aside good work on those two songs.
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