Written and recorded between April-November 2013, Concrete Dream Flesh is a sound of cold world inspired by cyberpunk and sci-fi movies, industrial landscapes of Slavestate/Pure era Godflesh, apocalyptic visions of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and more.

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As I did everything on my own and I do not have a plan of getting any professional label support at this moment, album is available only digitally.
Actually I'm not so much into Cult of Luna (heard Somewhere Along The Highway and Vertikal - very good albums by the way), more into Neurosis. The album is quite diverse, more straight industrial metal at the beggining, later becoming more sample/ambient oriented with elements of sludge metal and post-rock. It's dark most of the time, but gets brighter in last track.

I've listened to the 2nd track of yours (fromthemountains/inthemountains), interesting mood all way through, very noise which I like very much. Keep up experimenting!
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