Switching to playing a new fender tele from a longish period of learning on acoustics...does anyone have some suggestions as to some relatively easy and recognisable pieces that will sound great played on the tele to give me early encouragement?
tune it to open G and try playing Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones.
relatively easy and very fun to play!
Funk 49 by James Gang

A lot of the songs by The Police

Dazed and Confused by Led Zepp (lot's of their songs are played on a Tele)

You could try Unforgiven II if you advance a bit. The verse has a nice melody and the chorus is basicly chords. Should be easy on acoustic, too.
Plus James played it on telecaster!
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Capricci Di Diablo by Yngwie Malmsteen is good for a beginner to strum along with.

Of course, Eruption is a great Tele kind of jam. You just gotta really bend that neck to substitute the whammy dives.

Anything by Satriani of Steve Vai.
i would suggest say it ain't so by Wheezer real fun song can be put on tele or strat.
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