I put up for trade an old guitar that needs some work. I have two offers at the same time.

One is an MXR 10 band eq and a Morley wah. (I just ordered an EHX deluxe bass big muff and thought this might help?)

The second offer is a Squier J bass. I don't knot allot about them but I know they are cheap.

My primary bass is an Ibanez k5 and my amp is a Hartke a100. The amp has a 7 band eq.

Any quick thoughts are appreciated!
yeah, what are you trading and what J bass? Are you happy with the Ibanez?

I'm assuming the 10 band EQ would go before the Big Muff? I'm really happy with the 7 band EQ on Hartke. I'm also really happy with my Morely Bass Wah.
If it's a Squier Classic Vibe or Vintage modified take it. If it's standard or bullet then don't.