I heard it
I'm overcome but
It's heavy
The likes of it
I never thought we'd run that far cause
We're happy
We're content
We like it in our palace

Run for your life
The colours fall as hail as storm
Don't ever deny
You're locked up in your
Your freedom
You say you fight for liberation
Oh no we've been there
The paintings so old the greatest tale you've ever told
They liked it in their palace

And how are we to differentiate
The flower blooms else its colours fade
We'll be gilded in the sun All the gold we never won
How else would they live like us

And we were never confined
We enjoy the scenery inside
And sure I'll reach out to them A thousand letters I have sent
From the lazy days and royal space
Our palace
-end c-

Pretty much gonna stop here. This one's a more quiet and slow electro/ambience song. nterpret the lyrics yourselves and tell me what you think about them :B New to the forums don't hate!
Wait till you're announced; we have not yet lost our graces
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