i. Scarlight

Some night this.
Her eyes were transfixed on the stars
coming in and out of focus
as the occasional dirty cloud
and floating fog bank
formed above the chimneys
and caught the blistering breeze.
Some night this.
Here eyes reflected the afterglow.
We felt the shockwave pass us
a couple of minutes ago
and it blew her hair back,
exposing her wrinkled forehead.
The crow's feet grew deeper, momentarily,
as the light caused her to squint,
before it died down and she said
Some night this.

ii. Kingdumb Come

Are we dead?
I wasn't sure enough to respond.
I certainly felt alive
and I could hear her heart thumping
but there was something not quite right.
Her colour was off.
Maybe the radiation's taken hold,
I don't know, I'm no scientist.
Can it grip you in a matter of minutes?
I wondered then, what the rich people would be doing;
throwing their money at every possible enterprise
hoping the notes and cheques will stick to one of them.
They blame people like my wife and I, of course,
because we're poor and animalistic.
They built these things, not us,
certainly not us, we retired twenty years ago.
But it's our fault nevertheless,
always has been, always will be.

iii. Ellnor's Death

Are we dead?
I rarely lie.
Are we going to?
You are.
I rarely lie and I hate it.
Why not you?
I'm already dead.
You said we're not dead.
I know. I am. Not you.
I rarely lie.
Close your eyes.
I'm afraid to.
Only fear what you can see.
Okay, now what?

iv. Our Flanders Field

No one survived and little wonder,
at the chaos created by man's own hand.
We met our makers, now dine with God
wiping my tears with my mourning band.
I feel like this would work a lot better without part II. I feel it's significantly weak compared to the rest of the poem.

Part I is beautifully written. I love its pace and subtle rhyming. I think that "momentarily" ruins the flow btw. I think it'd work fine without it in there.

The rhyming on the last part sounded wonderful.

That is all I have to add to this. When I read it without part II it sounds lovely.