I need some advice. For years I've been using a Tascam US-122 audio interface into my computer. It's a 2-in device and I've gotten some pretty spectacular results with it into Cubase and Sonar. I'm using a Dell Dimension E520 running XP so I need a USB 2.0 interface. Was looking at the Tascam 1800. I need an 8-in device, and I'm poor these days. A 6-in would suffice. Recommendations?
I need to the ability to record acoustic drums and run a direct out from the bass amp simultaneously. I usually use four mics on the drums: kick; snare/hi-hat; rack toms; overhead. It would be nice to employ my vintage Radio Shack PZMs too on the drums. In a perfect world I would use more mics on drums but I can already get a really good balance and sound using four mics onto a single track, so if I can run, say, six tracks of drums, that'll give me a lot more room to mix and apply plugins.
Based on what you've said, I'd recommend the Tascam US-1800, you can find them for less than $200 USD on ebay. It's 8-in and USB 2 like you need. I recently bought an interface, and I have similar needs as you. It also has line ins, so you can record 8 mics as well as an external mixer, keyboards, etc.

People will probably recommend the Focusrite stuff, but it depends on what you're planning for the future. If you want to expand in the future, go with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (~$450 on ebay). It has ADAT in/out, so you can buy another and chain the interfaces together for 16 in and 16 out. Or, save your pennies like I did and get something like the Roland Studio Capture (~$900), which has 16 in (including 12 pres) and 8 out, which as I see it, is everything I could ever need at home. If I needed more, I'd need to be in a studio anyway.

The US-1800 isn't going to be worth anything in a year or so, so if you're planning for the future at all, I'd say save up for the Scarlett. If you just need something for now, go with the 1800.

Hope this helps!
If ya wanna go for something bigger on the cheap, I'd say get yourself a Liquid Saffire 56 instead of the Scarlett 18i20.
If you're even more on the cheap, an onyx blackbird.

For the possible lack of pres, an array of MicTube duo will do the job indeed.
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Focusrite generally has better pres but the cost is higher. And I appreciate the MicTube suggestion but I don't want to get mired down in latency tweaking and all that BS.

If you can find me a 56 in the 200-300 range, I'm down with that. Or the Onyx.
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