Hey. I am in a band from Cincy, and we are in the process of upgrading our gear to more professional stuff. I recently got an Ampeg SVT Classic head, and the whole band is meeting up with Omega Enclosures to get some custom cabs. I am looking for some help to find settings on the SVT-CL to get a good metalcore tone. I am looking for something punchy, that will really give the guitarist more beef. I am leaving some links to songs that can show the tone used in metalcore. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Starts at 1:48

Starts at 1:19

Starts at 1:14
What bass do you have? Pedals? And finally, whats wrong with using your ears?

I don't mean to sound harsh but this has been done to death in other posts, just check in the forum search. Its a lot of money to spend on gear without knowing how to get the tones you want out of it.

Generally though, boost the treble and low mids (not too much), touch of bass. A little compression and some dirt, usually a sansamp or something generic like that, up to you though.
Well; you aren't likely to find a better amplifier head than the Ampeg SVT-CL, so you have the lion's share of the equation already solved. As far as a cabinet is concerned, you are looking for something with 4x10" speakers. A 2x10" cabinet probably will not cut it if you are playing loud, heavy music. Now; for punch, you want 10" speakers that have a high wattage rating. Low-wattage speakers distort easily. This was a big part of the SVT's famous overdriven sound. The speakers in the original Ampeg 8x10" 'fridge were low-wattage, and designed to distort. But they lacked punch. So any good cabinet with efficient 10" speakers (at least four of them) should be perfect for what you want to do. Talk to your people at Omega about what speakers to install in the cabinet, and you should be just fine.

Good luck with your band!
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I use an active Jazz Bass with the top four strings of a 5 string slinky pack. I don't have any pedals as of now, but may get a sansamp, my ears are normal. The problem is that I can't seem to hit it on the mark, tone wise. I love the amp I got and I did a lot of research before getting it, was looking for something warm and versatile that give.
Depends what bass the bassist of the bands you posted use, although jazz basses are versatile they sound different to a music man or a P bass. The tone is as much about he bass and how you play as the amp, so simply buying an SVT won't fix it. You need an overdrive, unless you drive the amp which is usually the preferred option, as it features heavily in this style of music. When your at band practice next, play with the EQ, if you don't know how to get the tones you want there is only one way to find out.
Your active Jazz will do fine as far as basses go, just keep the strings fresh. An SVT is a fine amp, but don't get sucked into the typical metalcore trick of scooping your mids too much and getting lost in the mix.

Honestly if it was me, the only change I'd make to that rig for a metalcore gig would be to put a Darkglass B3K or B7K overdrive pedal in front of it all.

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