Hey everyone! I'm new here. I'm new to guitars, in fact. I just finally gained the discipline to really start practicing guitar about two months ago. I have a cheap acoustic at home, but on a trip this past week to NY, my uncle gave me an old Jackson guitar of his. He made it sound like it was sort of a big deal (he has dozens of guitars), but I have no idea what kind it is. I wish I some photos to post but I'm in the airport right now. Maybe tomorrow after I get home I can post some.

The guitar is from the early to mid 90s. It looks to me like a Dinky in shape. The serial number (650013215) is on the back of the headstock. The pickups are *single* *single* *double*. It has a tremolo bar and a tone/volume knob. It is a bolt on neck. I'd love to know what I got here! If any of you can help out I'd really appreciate it.

The thing is probably not worth nearly as much as it could be. My Uncle is very "creative" so there are studs and stuff glued all over the thing. The tuners don't seem to hold very well...I have to re-tune it constantly. There is also a big plate in the center of the back of the guitar missing.
Pictures will definitely help. Your description could be a whole number of different Jacksons, and the serial numbers can be rather hard to decipher. I wouldn't even know where to start.

But, since it's early-mid 90's, does it say 'Made in USA' or 'Professional' next to Jackson on the headstock? The Professional series are the Japanese models from the early-mid 90s. If it's one of those, have a look down the list at the bottom of the page linked below. Hover over the model name for a picture...


Since all I know is that it's a bolt on superstrat - It could be a Dinky. If it's 24.75" scale, it's a Fusion. If it's got an especially thin body, it would be a Stealth.