Guys i need advice and any errors u find (except for the 2 obvious ones). I need feedback especially on the tone and whether im playing in time.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You should be able to hear if you are playing in time or not and you should also be able to hear your mistakes. To me it sounded like you rushed a bit on some parts and some parts were a bit inaccurate. Practice the solo slower first. That way you can be sure that you play everything in time. Slow it down so that you can play it completely accurately. Then, after you can play it easily in a slower tempo, raise the tempo a bit.

Oh, and if you aren't sure if you are playing it correctly, again, slow it down.
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no i do hear the mistakes. what did you think was innaccurate? could u be more specific?. Ill try doing it with a metronome.

Thanks alot btw