Hey all, working on my first tab (and hey I believe this is my first post too!) and its a tough one, but I am so in awe with the solo in the House of the Rising Sun cover by Five Finger Death Punch that I had to do it.

So far I have gotten what I would call the "ascent" to the highest note of the solo, the first bit of "descent" back down, and then there are some notes that jump all back and forth that I cannot quite nail down.

If anyone with a better ear than myself is able to crack this I would very much appreciate it. I have (hopefully) attached the guitar pro file and a jpg of it if you don't have GP.

Also is anyone else working on the remainder of the song? I don't normally have much time to be able to tab the entire song but I would definitely like to learn this song in entirety!
House of the Rising Sun Solo.gpx
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Anyone interested in helping to tab this solo or possibly the song?

if you're willing to help me with the other lead parts including harmonies I will help you finish your solo
If you can finish the solo it will probably take you 30 seconds to figure out the rest of the song! Lol

It's been a while since I've checked this thread, but I have most of the rest of the song cased. I will let you know where I get with tabbing it out.