Wrote it in the hospital after my last overdose. I died twice, went to hell twice got brought back twice and woke up angry. very angry. I couldn't take It out on my girl. She was there for me my whole stay so I wrote a lot.


Mix it, Just a hit just a shot to the arm
I just need to be numb its my selfish self harm
Prick the vein feel it come, feel it drown out the pain
as it instills the shame
pull the pin watch me bleed

Bitch if you want me you gotta watch me bleed,
show me that you love me, watch me ****ing bleed.

Crush my but on my tracks just to erase the scars
Smell me burn searing skin,
muted pain felt in vein cause ill do it again
as it instills the shame pull the pin watch me bleed

Bitch if you want me you better watch me bleed
Right before I hurt you watch me ****in bleed

Lay my fist gainst' your skin feel me drive that shit in
Want you black, want you blue, and you love that shit too,
there's no rules no respect your just something to do
just someone to be there
Someone to watch me bleed

Right before I **** you your gonna watch me bleed,
Just before I leave you I make you watch me bleed.

Its kinda ****ed up and needs work, I usually don't write heavy or angry stuff so I figured id post it for comments.
It can be very difficult to write angry, as the direct approach you feel like you want to take often leads to cliche. I get around this by writing in an impulsive, illogical, self destructive manner to display anger, and I think you to have focus on the subtleties that make that anger your own to break away from the cliche problem. Also, I tend to find use of swearing is more effective if it is used unconventionally or unexpectedly to give impact: I must say in the context you've given I don't think "bitch" is used appropriately, it just doesn't fit in and confuses this emotionally.

However the title of this post and the explanatory paragraph is one of the most beautiful, powerful things I've ever read. It is fantastically genuine. Stay strong man.
Thanks, and thanks for the feedback. I will do some work on it and try to use your advice. Ill post back if I can make something better out of it.
Don't take this personally but people generally don't find junkies insightful or interesting. Clean up your act and learn to write lyrics and then come back and set the world on fire!