Hi there,

I've been looking for a fuzz pedal lately. However, I heard that you can get fuzzy tones out of a treble booster. I've cheked some videos and it sounds fuzzy to me (kinda velvet fuzz, nothing to harsh but I like light fuzz), altought I never owned a treble booster so I'd like to hear what you guys think about this one.

Logically, a treble booster could be achieved with, let's say, a 10 band MXR EQ, wich has both volume control and gain control.


Treble booster = Light fuzz (under certain settings) = EQ pedal (with gain control)

Thank you!
You can't get fuzz from an EQ.
Thats why its called an EQ and not a fuzz.

You don't get fuzz from a treble booster either.
Unless its poorly biased.
in a conventional sense of what a majority of people would consider 'fuzz', a treble booster or EQ will not give you what most people call a 'fuzz tone'

in a purely subjective sense, if a cranked treble booster provides a tone you want to call 'fuzz' then so be it. and EQ pedal is probably not the best way to capture that tone though.
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Ok I understand. I'm trying to be creative and reduce the amount of pedals between guitar and amp, but I guess it won't be the optimal solution.