I just bought my first guitar since a cheap acoustic I had as a kid MANY years ago. I was looking at the Epiphone player pack online to get started but I ran across a Charvel DS-3 locally I feel in love with. I purchased an electronic tuner with the guitar. The guy at the shop said I needed tune the guitar to C 440. Everything I see says A 440. What is the difference and why would this guitar need to be tuned different?
Any help in layman terms would be appreciated.
The guy in the shop had it wrong, it's A 440, the 440 refers to the actual frequency of the open A string; "C 440" doesn't exist.
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^ This....A 440 is what standard tuning is in.
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Thanks for the quick response.
The tuner has a C 440 setting but I haven't seen any reference to a C 440 tuning of a guitar online so I was curious.
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Hey man, while calling it a C440 is EXTREMELY (read: laughably) incorrect, he probably called it that because the A above middle C (440hz) is called a "Concert A". I can see why he'd abbreviate it as C 440, if that's the case, even though it's kind of silly.