Gold Coast METAL band looking for a BASS PLAYER.
Our influences are diverse, from metalcore to heavier slammin death, melodic death metal and even alittle bit of black metal and thrash, we just write what we think sounds good regardless of subgenre.

The ages of the band members range from 19-14.
We've been rehearsing since October last year, and we are currently writing our first demo, and then we will be ready to start playing shows.
We rehearse once a week in the southern gold coast.

We play in Drop A and Drop C tuning.
Hopefully you have decent equipment (bass amp large enough for performances and rehersals is a must), be able to play the bass fairly decent live, and it would be a bonus if you could play without having anxiety attack and tripping over the lead and having a seizure halfway through the song and then spend the rest of the set sobbing into your my little pony doll or something.
We'll also expect you to learn the songs we've already written, and we welcome your creative input when it comes to writing basslines.

Feel free to message me and reply here if your interested or if you want any more details