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0 0%
3 38%
1 13%
Is catchy/has catchy elements
2 25%
It's boring/repetitive/monotonous
4 50%
Flows together nicely
1 13%
Elements don't fit nicely
0 0%
Needs diversity (not referring to more instruments)
1 13%
Stop recording with a potato dude.
5 63%
Voters: 8.
Or should I say "how bad is it"?

I know this isn't perfect, that's why I need and value your feedback (as long as it's constructive and founded)

Don't base your opinions on the quality of the recording (I recorded it with an mp3 player and a "buzzy" amp), base your opinion on the content. (That MULTIPLE CHOICE POLL looks nice...)

Please leave a comment as well, if you have any tips or to justify your opinion (eg: "I thought this was (...) because (...)...). I really appreciate it.


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Actually i rather like it. Idk about the last 20~ seconds of lead but yeah, i enjoyed it. Once you "smooth" it out I think it could be a pretty sweet song.
Thanks! I'm finally improving! (Maybe )

Yeah, it's a bit messy/has a repetitive rhythm, I may re-do this one in the future.

Thanks! (and did I mention I would "c4c" if you left a comment like the one above? Please guys, it's like a 2 minute tune and you also have a multiple choice poll, how hard is that?)
It's definitely the foundation of something that could be a lot better. The rhythm worked well once you found your groove and most of the lead lines lent themselves well to the song (except towards the end). What you have is good, but it could benefit from some more sections instead of just that one rhythm chord progression. Pretty good, though!

For the future, try recording to a click track (if you didn't already), getting a non-potato mic, and I'd recommend something more full bodied for the rhythm line, like doing it on an acoustic or adding reverb to what you already have if you don't have one.
I didn't know what a waltz in 3/4 sounded like xD

The pause in the beginning wasn't a mistake (as I think you figured out), and yes, I need to play better
(Another thing contributing to the lack of "tightness" is that I recorded this in a weird way. I first recorded the rhythm, playing the same thing over and over, then put it in my laptop and listened to it while recording lead. When I put it all together I sectioned only a small part of the rhythm and looped it, that's why the leads may not fit that well)

I'll check your song out, but only later today. Quiet time is best time. Thanks!
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It has a basic structure, but needs to go someplace. Having said that... with the static-like quality I could hear it in the background of a documentary on Chaplin or something from 'yesteryear.'