"My strategy is to listen to the movie conversation"
"It was made and profiled like a box"

"However I could not get this off my mind, and so I wondered
of you"

"Truthfully I was enlightened
and clearly I'm in a uttering mood..."

"It is a strategy that works for all. However..
a movie conversation is never to be underestimated, although
the commercials can be made into something likewise you wouldn't believe in"

"I believe it!
And I love what they say
every time!"

Thus I overheard them talking, in a smoke of lost sense.
A distinctive parting, overhanging
by their language.
I feel like this takes too long to get going, while you're usage of space works fantastically in the first section I'm not really getting much from it. I also think the stanza starting "it is a strategy..." is a bit clumsily worded.

Loved the final stanza though.
i think the last stanza has potential, but the fragments at the beginning don't flow well to me. maybe i'm just not a huge fan of this mode of poetry, and certainly preferences and tastes might be different, but it just felt slow. i think the final part could be developed into something more pertinent.