Hi guys,

I have an Epiphone LP Special II which I have been playing for about 6 years. Recently I've noticed that the neck looks strange (see image below):

The right side is higher than the left side; it seems like the neck is jutting out. Is this an issue? I'm not sure if its related, but I have been unable to lower the action to a reasonable level - my action is ridiculously high now. Even a minor lowering of the action will cause fret buzz.

Is this issue related to the neck jutting out? If not, any other reasons why I can't seem to lower my action?

Thanks in advance!
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Do you know if this occurred recently? It could just be that it has always been like that and you haven't noticed until now. A lot of guitars are designed this way on purpose.

Edit: Wait a second, the path your strings are taking is really funky. The action looks like it is lowering near the edge of the fingerboard. It could just be the camera angle, but if that is the case, then yes there is a problem and that should be fixed. It's no wonder you have fret buzz because the string is buzzing on the high frets, since the neck angle is screwed up.

Remove the strings and tighten up the neck screws if they're loose. If that doesn't fix the problem, then take the neck off and see if there is a shim that may be causing the neck angle to change. If the screws aren't tightening, the holes in the neck that the screws bite into are stripped.
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That's some seriously high action. I think I could drive a truck between the strings and the frets.

There can be all kinds of reasons for your inability to lower your action; I'd almost have to see the guitar to know (or at least more of it). You've definitely not been taking care of your frets; they look pretty corroded.