It will still take me some time to buy an electric guitar, so an amplifier too, but I have an opportunity to buy Laney LX65R for a small amount of money, so it made me wondering if this is a good amp for my needs. What are my needs? I'm planning to play (heavy) metal, hard-rock, eventually thrash-metal and some blues licks, so the choice of a guitar and amplifier depends on my mentioned musical taste. I will think about the guitar later, but the thing for now is - is Laney LX65R proper for my needs? Should I buy something more (some extra stuff) as a beginner-intermediate guitar player if I'll choose the Laney? Friend of mine recommends me Line 6 Spider IV 15, but I see that community reviews are better for Laney LX65R (8,7/10 vs 7,3/10), so I'm wondering which one is better and what main differences are between them? I hope for your quick replies, cheers.
they both aren't that good. Please read this.
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Forgive me, I'm kinda new. So, I'm willing to spend max. 300$. I have mentioned genres, I'd throw my idol - Zakk Wylde - into that bag. My topic is a different one, because I'm not asking you to recommend me a concrete amplifier, but I want you to say your word about the Laney - is it worth its price, will it match my needs, etc etc.
The LX65R was my second amp. I grew out of it very very quickly. I'd say it's probably worth skipping and heading straight into valve amps to get the sort of thing you're after.

The Spider is a modelling amp, so will have a ton of effects and different sounds, but they are all pretty mediocre!

I'd suggest having a look at the Blackstar HT series. An HT5 will be right in your budget, and while it's not technically 100% a valve amp, it sounds very good!
Look for a Peavey Vypyr 30 or a used Vypyr tube 60. The tube 60 is the better amp, but the Vypyr 30 will work just fine and are $200 new
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These are very useful comments, thanks a lot. So, do you agree that this Laney-thing is more for a harder and darker climates, not exactly my kind of music? Blackstar looks pretty damn good and I think that it is a right option, but I'll think it through several more times, because the main question was - should I buy the Laney right now, even if it would have to stay and get some dust until I buy my guitar. Answer is pretty clear now, I will consider those amps that you've mentioned in a few weeks. Thank you.