The guitar reminds me quite a bit of Neil Young (perhaps "Rust Never Sleeps"). Not sure what that noise is at 1:35. I like most all of the melodies. Vocals are pretty good. Audio quality is OK, but could be better. I like most of the guitar playing. It is a good song. Maybe some eventual drums & bass. Please review my music at this link:

It's awesome if I sound anywhere near close to Neil Young, I always thought the guitar sounded more rock-ey dexter style soundtrack, but I totally hear the "hey hey, my my" in there. I don't hear the noise? me sliding on the neck?
The noise I'm talking about takes place (starts at) 1:22, probably some jangly guitar part. Your song also reminds me of "I'd Love to Change the World" by Ten Years After.

I like it. Nice chord progression. I'd like to hear it with bass and drums but it works well as an acoustic song too.
I think it's pretty good. I guess it might get a bit monotonous for me--the progression is good, but it's just repeated a lot for my taste. I think the vocals have potential, but there is something not quite there yet, like the singing needs more confidence, power, or something (I'm not a vocalist, so I'm not even that good).

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