trying to decide should I get a peavey vypyr or get an audio interface and use amplitube? what do you think? The other thing that makes me wonder is i did try plugging directly into the mic input of my laptop and i could never get any sound...so its between the peavey vypyr and amplitube with a focusrite 2i2 interface...please give me your thoughts
What's the final goal? Are you looking to get something to practice with? Are you going to be playing along with friends?

You should be able to get sound through your laptop, but of course it won't be very good sound (at least with the built-in sound card and the little speakers). But it should work - maybe you don't have the sound card on the PC setup for the external mic input (it might be set to disable or low gain by default). It's probably not worth worrying about though.
Cool. Do you want to just record yourself doing a song (guitar and maybe vocals) or are you thinking of multi-tracking, layering, etc?

If you want to do more sophisticated stuff, you might need a PC (vs. ipad for example). You might get by with your laptop plus some fancier interface (via USB). But it's best to play out what you want to do. I looked and that Vypyr seems to have a direct USB output (but I didn't really investigate what that does). Best to hear from someone with experience with that amp...