I have a peavey valveking vk100 head, which, as some of you know doesn't have a master volume. The amp needs to be cranked to sound good or else it sounds very thin and weak. I had somewhat corrected this by using a morley volume pedal in the fx loop... it works to allow the amp to be cranked and then using the pedal to cut the output. Sounds great that way, nice tube saturation but isnt shaking walls, problem was that it was hard to get the volume just right that way and if you bump it the volume goes nuts again....

So I had a 250k pot laying around that I had bought and never used. Being bored this weekend and frusterated at my amp I decided to try something. Went up to radioshack and grabbed a couple jacks... they were in a 2 pack for $5, then came home and started to look for something to use as a housing. Found a plastic seymore duncan pickup case that I thought should work. Took my pot, connected the jacks at either end, soldered it in and mounted it all in the housing.

Once I hooked it in to my pedalboard, it did just what I wanted. Regulates volume, but keeps the tone from my amp being cranked. So then I decided to put it in front of my morley and now I can use the pedal for swells and fades instead of using it as a volume knob.

Since having it for a day I already cracked the plastic housing. Just ordered off ebay an aluminum stompbox housing and a chicken head knob for it for under $8. So for $13 total I'll have a botique handwired heavy duty pedal that makes my whole rig much more useable and versatile. I realize I'm not the first to do this and you can buy a similar pedal, but for the price and simplicity of the build I'm glad I went this route.