in the caverns of my youth
exploding with twisted shrapnel speed,
i dislodge this brittle ribcage:
i pull it from amongst the stone, cracking
fragile memories that shatter
across the cave floor like ice
frozen to the marrow.

i am what was written upon these walls
in the blood of early mammals:

a machine without memory,
continents of unexplored mythology
tracing a fine line through history,
a sudden lurch in geography
splintering hillsides and sediment.

i believed in the safety of belief
itself a mystery; how affectionate
it felt draped across my chest
like a war banner. )

opening it up,
here i have located the heart,
and here the lungs aching for breath:
an apparatus of clustered tones
fluttering to an ancient rhythm, an impatient ostinato
climbing the sound of your name endlessly
without resolution

without remainder.
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The correct formatting really makes this, and I prefer the version with the lines omitted as I like the pacing better. I'm a sucker for the phrase "i am..." in a piece and this was good read.
i agree that the pace of the formatted piece is better and brings an emphasis that this unformatted one lacks. i do like the additional imagery in the first stanza on this one a lot though, but it's a little verbose and not particularly necessary in the scheme of things.

that being said, i really enjoyed the dramatic quality this piece evoked. articulate and nicely done.
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i forgot that the formatted post lacked the ending four lines in the first stanza. i'm not very partial to them; i was more focused on getting the formatting displayed. thanks for the crits, i'll keep an eye out for your pieces.