Getting a guitar that comes with an EMG 81. The color scheme of my guitar is black and red, and I wanna have a red humbucker with black bolts installed in place of the EMG. Even if the color scheme wasnt an issue for me, I don't like active humbuckers. My thought is, if you're gonna go actives, might as well go blackouts, but not for this guitar.

The guitar is gonna be tuned to C Standard. I run an overdrive in the front of my amp always as a clean boost for my dirty channel. Will the D Activator be tighter than a nun's butt-hole in my current setup?

Amp is Peavey 6505+, btw.
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I have a D-Activator X in the bridge and a D-Activator in the neck of my Bernie Rico Jr. and it's definitely tight.
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My D-Activators are very tight, but also pretty damn bright, in my Ibanez S tuned to E standard/Drop D. I run it into a Mesa Dual Rectifier with a double Tubescreamer clone and it's brutally tight when I want it to be.

Tuned down they should be great, and not so much "hella bright", but moreso "not muddy".
I have a set in my S420.

They're pretty damn tight, but they're too bright IMO. Those things just go hand in hand, unfortunately though.
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