Hello people!

This is my first post so I'm new to the forum world! I'm 20 and an aspiring musician, I have no false impressions it's easy but have been taking this seriously 5 months now and generated some interest and feel I have ears wanting to hear what I have to say. I released some covers on soundcloud from my first live acoustic gig but want every new upload to boom with improvement, to compliment the amount of work I'm currently putting in to learn. I'm working on a few projects at the moment, a solo project and a group who are interested in creating something different, a vibe that hasn't quite been created. I'm primarily an acoustic soul man and I'm trying to throw together the variety of music I listen to to create something new and innovative, with purpose but be yet incredibly bold and subtle.

My tastes really are varied I love music, from Bruce Springsteen, Killers and Elvis to Dragon Force, Alexisonfire and a love for hip hop Nas, Pac & Jurassic 5.
I've always been one for words and used to love poetry in school, I'm 20 now and have really started to adapt my mind to viewing all the endless possibilities in music and would really like to start to read some inspiring poetry to just give me some new feelings and help inspire my original material.

Does anyone have any personal recommendations for some meaningful poetry that they have related to and feel is worth a read, or can recommend some good poetry books? Nothing too out there, that may be questionable material, preferably just proven favourites. Google can be so varied, I'd love an impartial human opinion.

Hope the mini essay wasn't too boring, and someone with some interesting taste could be bothered to read to here and bust me some recommendations.

Thanks for all help, much appreciated.

I didnt really read all of your post, but I think the only way to get good at that stuff is by doing. Most songwriters i like started writing songs when they were in their teens i believe, and didnt put out their best stuff till much later.

in any event, here are some poets im familiar with whose stuff is not that out there, its probably mostly free if you look on sites like gutenberg.org or whatever that one is, much of it is floating around in essays and things, its all free somewhere or another. Lots of books are there, Lewis carol and shakespear and the like.

If your just looking to dive into poetry, buy an anthology of modern poetry, probably cheap like the one i have and covers a great deal of different poets.

I like whitman, he does o captain, and #152? i think both are good, whitman has a tremendous amount of great work. Lots of people like DH lawrence, he wrote lots of nature oriented stuff like snake was good, and the one with the horse. Yeats(pronounced Yates) is popular, he wrote crazy jane on judgement day, and the second coming? is also famous though i forget why. Then you have TS elliott, who is very famous for his attitude towards poetry, very grim, tough to understand but well worth it, if your looking for sad stuff, look no further. You have Wallace stevens is one of my favorites, metaphor of magnifico, 13 ways of looking at a blackbird, and disillusionment at 10 oclock are good. You have emily dickinson, if you could write that like that you wouldnt be looking for help though, shes done several famous ones. Arthur rimbaud and ezra pound come to mind also, they are foreign though, and most of their poetry is done through translation from other languages. I really love Auden too, but i have serious difficulty in understanding it.

I speed read through a book with all of those and few more in it about a year ago went i had nothing else to do. you might try the gutenburg site, but if you have an encyclopedia of all the prominent literary works of the last 5 centuries, you have a veritable lifetime of work ahead of you.

inspiration is tough though, ive never written songs, and i hate to write. My process is more analytical than creative. If you're looking for meaningful poetry though with lots of metaphors and things like that, you cant go wrong with elliott smith, great phrasing and words, some of my favorite songs. I even like mayers ideas, though im not particular to his style of music. I love lots of jack johnsons work, the stones have some great verses, I heard a song the other day on TV called passing afternoon by iron and wine, brilliant song. Big Star, great group, I am the cosmos, and You and your sister, and give me another chance, all great work. Anyways, thats all i really got when it comes to lyrics, maybe some modest mouse stuff is great too. Anyway, between those groups, it ranges from brilliant philosophical assumptions to silly rhymes that sound great to music and evoke a great deal of emotion.

Good luck.
Thank you very much. That's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to get started of some of those!

Much appreciated.
Can't go wrong with Keats' Odes,

Shakespeare's plays, Milton's Paradise Lost and Homer's Odyssey and the Iliad are all great dramatic poetry.