I had a version of this song up before and I took the criticism and tried to produce a better version.

The song is called Cruel Temptress and the link is here:


Would love to have some feedback on this song as it was the first song I ever wrote.


(Will try to C4C as soon as possible)
That was really nice to listen.
I enjoyed the voice and melody. Good quality, too!
The Solo arround 2.20 was well fitting and the tone was sweet

Just keep up the good work!

Just in case you are interested.. this is my stuff I just started with. I know thats completely different from your sound, but maybe you can find something you like there^^

My First Recordings
This is a really chill song with some nice reverb going on, what'd you use to record this, are those real drums? Very good instrumentation and favorite part is definitely the guitar solo, it's very techinical and melodic for this style of music without sounding like unnecessary guitar wankery. Very good for your first written song, even if it is re-recorded!

Don't feel obligated to C4C, I already have a lot of critiques on my song already, haha.
Hey guys, thank you so much for the kind words! Appreciate all the feedback.

Quote by aaron aardvark
Audio sounds a bit distant, but I like the song itself. Vocals are good and the guitar playing/riffs are good also. Nice song. Reminds me somewhat of Morrissey/The Smiths for some reason (a compliment). Please review my music at this link:


It's funny you say that about The Smiths as I get that quite a lot on most my songs. Especially the Morrissey comparison. Thank you! (I do cite The Smiths as an influence)

Will try to review all your work later tonight