I received a coupon worth €80 for the Appstore, iTunes etc. I was planning to spend most of it on guitar stuff. I'm thinking about buying some educational stuff like dvd's from Licklibrary or so because it could help me a ton and it is always good to have some study stuff. Any experience with other stuff that is worth trying out that I can buy in iTunes or in the App Store? Thanks
Buy an interface for it and download Garageband and use it to record!
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Buy an interface for it and download Garageband and use it to record!

I think I already own Garageband and I also own a Boss BR800
Can you get Amplitube on the app store? That's pretty cool. I only have the free version but there's a little bit of fun to be had with it.
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I would recommend JamUp and an interface of sorts!
I downloaded a load of amp models for it with an itunes voucher and its loads of fun! Sounds great too for silent practice at home. Can even play along to your music library and there's some recording to be had.

I would also recommend checking out Agile Ampkit! I was using the free version before i got the new amp models for JamUp and it also sounds really good for silent practice. I also see they're coming out with a new version of the app soon! Might be a game changer.

Wasn't really impressed by the sound of Amplitude as an amp modeller, but can certainly vouch for using the irig interface! Note that i only used the free version of the app though, but out of the free trials i was totally won over by Jamup and Ampkit.

And as we are on here, it might be worth checking some of UG's own apps :P