I've got a Fernandes strat copy and a Floyd Rose Special that I want to install on it. I don't really want to bother with routing the body to make it full-floating. My current problem is: How do you figure out where to put the holes for the two pivots? All I can find for templates are routing templates, which I don't really need. Are there any templates out there that can print to 1:1 scale using the six original pivot screw holes to locate it? From there I think I've got everything else under control. I really, really don't want to get stuck just eyeballing or approximating it and winding up with a crooked bridge.
If it's not going to be full floating then what is your reason for installing it? I'm just curious, not trying to act like a dick. Also, it may be a bit challenging to install though, you'll need the correct tools (router, drill/drill press, template, etc.) but if you are up to it, this is the most comprehensive thing I could find:

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Because I got the Floyd for free and the factory trem is junk.

Once I've got everything covered in masking tape and can start marking measurements, how do you accurately establish the centerline of the guitar? Seems like once I have that it's easy enough to locate everything else.