First off, totally not sure if this is in the right place or not. Please move, if I've made a mistake.

So, my band has a very weird setup going on right now that...really doesn't seem to have any end in sight. We play progressive symphonic metal, which obviously entails songs containing drums, bass, guitars, vocals, and orchestral arrangements. However, in terms of physical members, we are limited to two guitarists and two female vocalists.

From a stage presence standpoint, we've figured out how to fill a stage, hypothetically, in an entertaining manner with just us. However, from a sound standpoint...how does that work, exactly?

I'm assuming we'd need to feed pre-mixed tracks containing drums, bass, and orchestra into one channel of the PA, with vocals going into another, with the guitar amps hard-panned opposite each other.

What worries me is, do PAs do the whole bass response thing well enough to convey the rumble of a real bass guitar, or the punch of real drums? Would most house engineers even know how to deal with a request like this? I really see no other option aside from making this work - the music scene here is just abysmal. Is it even possible to do it this way?
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