Hi Guys,
I'm wondering if someone could help me out with what order my pedals should go in..
I have a Ernie Ball VP JR (JHS modd), fuzz face, tube screamer, Boss OC-3 octave, Boss TU-3 Tuner, Vox Wah..

The thing that is confusing me the most is that the volume pedal is low impedance so I'm not sure where it will work best in the chain :S
It would be something like what is in the picture. The octave after the fuzz/overdrive. As for the volume, I managed to find the following:

"Where the volume pedal goes in the chain depends on what you want to do.

If you are simulating what the guitar’s volume knob does, put it at the beginning.

If you want overall control after your effects, put it at the end. This also lets you turn down noise from dirt pedals.

Early in the chain, you can turn off the volume pedal, but still let reverb and delay pedal repeats decay out naturally.

End of the chain, turning down the volume pedal will also turn down reverb and delay repeats."
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Ok thanks heaps! I think I have found a good order with the best results so far.. I have:

Boss TU-3 Tuner> Boss OC-3 Octave> Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face> Ernie Ball JR Volume Pedal> Vox Wah> Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer

Boss DD3 Delay in effects loop
Tuner-Wah-Tubescreamer-Fuzz-Octave-Volume is what I would do.

Tuner and Wah should be first 2 (before dirt pedals). Octave should be after the dirt and like the guy above said the Volume pedal can go where ever suits you best.
If the vol pedal is low impedance then it should go after a buffered non true bypass pedal. Also you should compare with it in and out of circuit to see if it's causing any tone loss.