When I was young I first started doing vocals as I was always told that I have a good voice and I can pick the notes easily, which somehow I realized later in my early 20 that it applied to instruments as well. The first instrument I played for fun was a harmonica (mouth organ) when I was like 10 or 11. In my teenage I never did anything else except vocals, tried several times to take it to professional level but I was busy with my engineering degree. When I was 21 I got my first acoustic guitar, yea I know it's too late but that's how it is. My parents never supported me in this and I had to wait that long to get started with it. I learned basic chords within a month and then I went on learning it through internet and my friends. I learned about scales, different techniques with the picking and stuff, meanwhile I found my interest really growing in metal and hard rock a lot. I wanted to do something in this genre I started loving it. 2 years later I got my first job as an engineer trainee. I bought an electric guitar and I won't call it a cheap one. I got it for 800 $ coz I wanted an instrument that would have some quality when I record it. It was a big amount for me who just started working on a limited salary. It's hard to manage everything now and I can't quit my job, it's the only thing that I can rely on as a source of income and I invest most of my salary in buying instruments recording gears, interfaces, processors etc. At present I have a Roland electronic drum kit, A shure vocal mic, A schecter bass guitar, an Ibanez electric guitar and a cheap acoustic plus a guitar processor and audio interface that I use for recording. The total of all of which is about 4000 $ For my income I've already spent a huge amount of money very quickly. The place where I stay people are hardly interested in real music where real instruments are played. I never managed to find a drummer who knows at least some basic stuff and even a decnet guitarist so I decided I would just make my music all alone. I very well know how to play guitars and bass, within 2 years of my playing (out of which most of the times I had to stay away from guitars because of exams) I managed to attempt solos that were as speedy as 12 notes per second and did them without mistakes till 10 to 11 notes per second, learned a lot of stuff related to electric guitars. It's been 3 years since I first started playing guitars. I'm fairly good with drums coz I've just started them. I have my videos/covers over youtube and I got few attention from it. Some people even contacted me from other countries on reverbnation and were impressed by my playing but sadly I cannot move to other country and join anyone's group. I want to continue doing what I'm doing and make a name out of it like I get off from work on saturdays and sundays. Those 2 days are all that I have to work on my music apart from giving some valuable time to a loving girlfriend. I'm not planning to make music as my primary source of income but I do want to be known for this only! Yes I am an engineer but this is not my true identity I'm an engineer just for the sake of money. I want to be known amongst the people for what I do with the music that's it. However they get to know me whether it's youtube or whatever. I'm not one bit interested to appear on Mtv or channel V. I'm the knida guy that wants new kids and people to search for over the internet when they want to look for some new material, new music or talking about new musical gears and stuff. If I manage to get a little bit money out of it over youtube or whatever I'm cool with it. I'm just always spending a lot on new instruments. I easily get attracted to them. I'm just lost at this point and caught up with everything
thank you
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Soo... What is your question?
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Well...there's a lot of backing tracks you can down load on youtube.
Drum sequencs....ect
Maybe you can write backing tracks. You can never have enough
backing tracks. Sometimes people just collect them. As we all
have collections of music or whatever just for kicks.

Have you notice the amount of hits those so call relax music have?
Into the millions within months. Maybe you can write mellow tunes.
Maybe your GF is into photography or art. Maybe it's something you
both can do together. Use your own art, photos, music...ect
It's always a good thing for a couple to have common goal or a project
together. It might be fun for the both of you. You'll be amaze how pennies
add up. I know a friend that's a millionair playing with pennies.

Maybe your GF has her special interest or hobbie. ..sawing, painting,
or cooking receipt...ect Have her make instructions to do those sort
of things. Then write background music to them. You'll also be supportive
of her interest.....
She's probably going take all the money to buy shoes or do her nails...
But hay, you'll have more money to spend on your guitars
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All that time writing and you never used paragraphs. And I never read what you wrote because you didn't use paragraphs.

Use paragraphs.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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All that time writing and you never used paragraphs. And I never read what you wrote because you didn't use paragraphs.

Use paragraphs.

I agree. Impossible to read.
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