We are the Static Needles, a 90s influenced Grunge/Power Rock/Stoner Rock/NOIZE band from Leeds, UK.

Revivalists at heart, we play with Nirvana like energy and accessible grit, and speedy/stompy riff, some Fugazi esque noodling, Sonic Youth frantic slide guitar (anything with slide guitar is immediately awesome!) and Weezer level charm. Or at least that's how our first release was perceived: http://thestaticneedles.bandcamp.com/track/give-a-damn

This our very first single/release so any and all feedback is appreciated. This is my first song as a guitarist and singer, I only took up guitar a year ago and tried singing too 6 months ago (before that I was the drummer of a different band)

Basically if there was ever a time in your life you spoke of ‘grunge’ in a positive sense, but want something that’s good and relevant in 2014, listen to The Static Needles. - http://maxcussons.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/the-best-song-that-came-out-last-week-in-my-opinion-static-needles-give-a-damn/

Follow us if you want to hear our future releases (MAUDE released in February, and SINKING released in March) - https://www.facebook.com/StaticNeedles // https://twitter.com/StaticNeedlesUK // Thanks!
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"Emocore is like, when you cry when you break a guitar string"
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