Hey guys! I'm about to swap the pickups of my Chapman ML1, but I'm not sure about which ones would fit the sound I'm looking for the best, and my knowledge of pickup options is practically zero.
It's and HSS configuration, and I was looking for something like this:

The neck pickup would be a medium output strat sounding humbucker, that would be able to be coil split and then add the middle pickup to get that classic strat sound.
The middle pickup would only be used to "strat up" any of the other two pickups.
The bridge would be a full sized humbucker, aiming at Hard/Classic Rock but capable of going Metal with the right amp. It would also be coil split and added the middle pickup to get stratier sounding.

I'm using a high gain amp btw.

Thanks for your help!
Duncan SH-4 for the bridge

Ther rest I don't know, I don't use single coils at all
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Cool rails in the neck, some Fender's in the middle.
Texas specials maybe?

You said to "strat up", though if you don't particularly care it sounding like a well known Fender or something, duncan's SSL-1s are pretty great.
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I like the sound of JB in the bridge and a cool rails in the neck. My recommendation for the middle will have to be the Fender Hot Noiseless. Absolutely beautiful.
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I just gave a listen to the Cool Rails, and then I came across the Hot Stack. I think I prefer the Hot Stack since the rail sound a little too humbucker :/

What do you guys think?
I'd go with Dimarzio.

Bridge: Air Classic (bridge model)
Middle: True Velvet (middle model)
Neck: True Velvet (neck model)

This should give you a pretty good strat tone in 2,3,4 and 5 positions. Plus some great vintage, but easily overdriven bridge humbucker tones. I believe this would cover everything you're after.