Snagged a RM100 and I'm having trouble
with the footswitch. Lights come on but
no switching of the channels. I only have
the midi cable hooked up but on the pedal
itself there is a power adapter input as well.
Could this be my problem? Thanks in advance.
I'll do a proper new amp post after I dig in
I see you're on a mobile device so I had a look at the manual for you. It says you need to press press the button on the footswitch after channel 1 is selected on the front panel to teach that switch to select that channel.

From the manual:

Channel switching:
Each module can be changed by either pressing the front panel button, or with the included MIDI footswitch. Simply press and release the front panel button to change modules. When using the MIDI footswitch plug into the input on the rear panel, and select the channel you desire on the footswitch. To program the footswitch, simply press the button 1 on the footswitch, and set the head to channel 1 using the front panel button. Press and hold the front panel button for 3 seconds, and it’s now programmed. Repeat this process for channel 2 and 3.

Edit: Incase you wanted the link for future reference when on a desktop and can view it, here's the manual: http://geartunes.s3.amazonaws.com/gear/owners%20manual/RM100manual.pdf
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Lavatain thanks a bunch issue
resolved this amp is smoking
and not in a bad way lol. NAD
thread coming even makes my
sh*tcaster sound killer. Thanks