Hey guys, I recently set up my GigRig Midi-14 and made cables for all the pedals and set up power to the pedals. However upon powering everything up, a very noticeable sound from my amp(ENGL E670 EL34) head made itself present in stand-by. I'm thinking it is a ground issue? I disconnected all the pedals and cut the power from them and just used the Midi-14 with my amp and the sound still persists. Depending on what preset is selected, sometimes the sound disappears, gets louder or quieter. My pedals include:

-RMC Wah Pedal(powered by a 9V section of a DC10, is placed inbetween the guitar and Midi-14)
-Telonics Volume pedal (powered by its own 24v power supply)1st in the chain
-EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger(powered by a 24V section of a DC10)2nd in the chain
-Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive(powered alone by a 9v section of a DC10)3rd in chain
-Red Witch Moon Phaser(powered by a 9v section of a DC10 Cioks) 4th in chain
-Red Witch Empress Chorus(powered by a 9v section of a DC10 Cioks) 5th in chain, into effect loop
-Red Witch Pentavocal Trem(powered by a 9v section of a DC10 Cioks)6th in chain, into effect loop
-EHX Deluxe Memory Man Tap-Tempo(powered by the 9v-Out of the Midi14(handles 1,500 amps) 7th in chain, in effect loop
Strymon Timeline Delay(Powered alone by the 9V 400amp section of the DC10)8th in chain, in effect loop
Strymon Bluesky Reverb(Powered alone by the 9V 400amp section of the DC10)last in chain, in effect loop

When I plug my guitar straight into the amp, no buzz or noise at all, everything is fine. However when I connect the Midi-14 to the effects loop in the back of the amp, the sound comes on. I should also note the switch on the back of the amp is set to "Ground" and not "ground lifted".

What could it be? I tested all the cables with a multi-meter and they all came up good. I disconnected all the power the the pedals themselves and the sound is still there.

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go through everything one at a time. i know you did the cables, but run each pedal through. switch power supplies. switch rooms.
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