http://youtu.be/VXaHEvMtEc8 Here is a link to my first own riff /solo i have put on youtube. I would welcome any comments,i know its not a great quality recording,im still learning. Could you let me know if your unable to play the song through the link I've left
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Why is the metronome in the recording? There's too much low end in the chords and the lead isnt present enough. Lower the volume of the chords and turn up the lead a little bit, also get the metronome out of there and you'll be on your way. It could sound really cool, reminds me a bit of tin pan alley by srv.
Thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated.
Could you expand on "there's too much low end on chords"
I know it's me being a bit thick, but I don't hear that, so it's nice when someone points out where I'm going wrong.
upon listening to it again, i just think the chords are too loud and your licks aren't really cutting through.