It's been a while since I've written anything. Started writing this on the weekend. It's not done obviously, but I'm at a stage where I'd like some feedback on it so far.

It's always the transitions that bug me, and I'm not sure what I think of verse->choral, and choral->clean. So any comments would be much appreciated.

c4c of course.


EDIT: Changed the transition into choral, I think this works better now...?
EDIT: Got to an ending now, but not sure about verse 3 going into the final chorus...
rock 339 v5.gp5
rock 339 v6.gp5
rock 339 v7.gp5
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Cheers man. Well it started off as triplets, but then I realised when I wrote the verse riff it was at a different tempo, just that the eighth notes are as long as the triplet eighth notes on the slower tempo.

I've just changed the transition into choral from the verse (edited first post), unless you didn't see a problem with the original transition, do you think it's better now?
Ah, fair enough. Didn't notice anything wrong with it but that definitely sounds better. Only real feedback I'd have is mix up some of the instruments (have some clean guitars/piano/whatever) and that the ending to the "Choral" section feels about 4 bars too long. Otherwise, it's sick and I'd love to hear it recorded.
Thanks man. I actually initially had the outro to the choral bit as 4 bars, but I thought it didn't give the song enough time to breathe so that's why I added the four bars. But if people think otherwise I'll cut it down again.
another masterpiece by the almighty seb1uk!

as usual, dont really have anything to complain about, except that this one was a little short. one of the things i like about your songs is that theyre not songs, theyre an experience; and its a little hard to get that experience from a short song

really though, just a suggestion, if youre doing left and right tracks, make one of them OD instead of both being dist. otherwise the audio centers if they happen to play any note at the same time

also, just a random question, can you actually play all of your crazy post-hardcore masterpieces? because theyre pretty spastic at times
Cheers mate! I've actually just edited the first post with a finished version, although I'm not sure about it still.

I know what you mean about the tracking though, I just try to ignore it as I'm recording everything soon so it shouldn't matter.

As for playing these, yeah I can actually! Not the most cleanly to be honest, but I'm sure if I just practiced these they would be fine.
lol its fine if youre not that clean. if you saw my webcam show, youd know im not always the cleanest guitarist either

dude, i wish you lived near me man. ive been dying to make music like this for years, and nobody around here comes anywhere close!
Cheers jld!

pAWNlol: Was that supposed to be some filthy pun ha? To be fair I don't really have time for a band these days anyway! Just got all my recording gear back so at least I'll start posting up some more recordigns and hopefully start mixing a bit better.
oh, no lol tbh im not sure which part you took as a pun. but seriously, if you cleaned up your technique, recorded this soon, and uploaded it to bandcamp, id be willing to pay double the price for these
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