Okay, so here's the scenario.

There is a random number generator that generates any number from 1-100, with every number receiving equal likelihood of getting picked. What are the odds that, if one hundred numbers are picked, they will contain numbers 1-100 with no duplicates?

Ask Wolfram Alpha.

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I made this on Excel just now. Probability of what you said for random numbers from 1 to x.

As you can see it's already tiny for random numbers 1-10.

EDIT: I know someone's going to be an arsehole and say that I can't use a line but whatever
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I feel like this is a homework question
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I feel like this is a homework question

I'm not sure. Most calculators can't deal with numbers as large as 100! or 100^100 (which apparently is about 10^42 times larger).

Unless the homework question was just the expression.
it would be the same 1/100th of a chance each and every draw.
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It wasn't a homework question, I just pulled it out of my butt cause I was a-thinkin'. thanks for satiating my curiosity.