Hey all! I was hoping to get some feedback regarding a start body that I acquired recently. It looks like a bit of wood lifted off when the previous owner removed the neck.

Would someone be willing to take a look at this picture, and let me know how bad this is?

1) How bad will this end up being for the tone and sustain of the guitar? I know it's important to have a good solid fit between the body and the neck, and that joint is pretty important.

2) Should I attempt repairing it? Should I scrap it? Should I just bolt a new neck on and go?

3) If I should repair it, how would I go about doing so?


Oh, and my apologies if this was posted in the wrong section.
Sorry, I guess I should have specified. The portion of the pocket that's "bare" is actually about a 1mm deep set of small grooves where the wood appears to have lifted off when the previous neck was taken off. In other words, the bottom of the pocket is not perfectly flat due to this flaw where the wood is bare, as there's a bit of wood that's missing. Perhaps I need a better picture.

If nothing looks out of character, then I'll I won't worry about it. It's my first build so I'm probably just a little paranoid. I just don't want to put time into this thing only to realize that that little bit of wood kills the sustain or tone of the guitar. From what I've read, it's the sides of the pocket that matter most anyway.

Anyhow, I'll post one more pic, and if the consensus is that all looks good, I won't worry about it.