I need some amp advice. Any help appreciated.

I have a Les Paul Studio and a Marshall DSL15, both I love(although the DSL can be a bit too bright at times) currently, I'm in a school band which requires me to be able to is change from clean to overdrive/distortion based sound quickly without touching the amp. I know that a footswitch for the amp would switch the channels, but I also have heard that some people just play clean and then use a distortion pedal on top of it. Which would you recommend? My budget is 20-40 dollars, thanks.
With that budget, definitely the footswitch. Really good dirt pedals are pricey.
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I do both. Actually, footswitch, two overdrives and an EQ. That gives me more versatility. But, what ^ he said.
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foot switch on that budget.
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The footswitch
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in almost any situation, for your base tone, using the channel on a tube amp will be better 99% of the time. if not, the amp sucks or you have it set wrong. people layer overdrives, boosts, etc on top, but most cases a pedal will not sound as good as an amp.

there are some REALLY nice pedals that come at a REALLY nice fat price too. from a playing perspective you will notice that 99% of distrotion pedals do ot have the dynamics and feel that a real amp delivers.

if you have a two channel amp, please use both channels. or however many channels there are. i would LOVE a 3 channel amp. hell, give me 4 or 5 channels. and a footswitch for each. and assignable boosts in each channel. i can garantee you i can find a use for every setting.

and it may take about 2 or more pedals off my board.

this is one reason why systems like AXE-FX are so popular, or the Mesa Mark V is so awesome.
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Yeah man the DSL15 is a nice amp. Use that distortion the amp has as much as you can. I mean that's why you got a Marshall right? That being said,you can def find an overdrive type pedal used on craigslist for $40 but it would only be to give you a little boost on the 2nd channel.

Maybe you can look for an EQ pedal to bring the mids down a bit but then again, that why you got a Marshall. Great mid & bright range. Do you have any YT vids of your band? Maybe that would help define the sound you have and what your after?
Thanks for the feedback from you guys, I think I'm gonna go with a footswitch, does it matter what brand it is or are most the same?

Also, sorry no vids, but we just play whatever the band direction wants (usually simple 90's rock or his obsession with led zep.)
They're all the same. The footswitch itself does nothing beyond tell the amp to change the channel, so there's no sound difference. Internally they're all a cheap switch in a cheap housing. Even if it breaks you could replace all the components for a few dollars.