I've been dappling in guitar for over a year, and I have been devote to it for about 4months. I am realllllllllllly struggling with guitar rhythm.
Chords and chord progression I have down pretty okay. Its just the strumming that confounds me. Could someone explain the basics to me? Maybe even how to improve strumming?
Is it even possible? or Do you have to be a natural? Because I am definitely NOT a natural strummer.
I have and continue too. I don't understand the mechanism behind it. Like how do you pick out the strumming pattern in a song, or how do you create one. And how does strumming a metronome make you understand strumming better? It helps your timing definitely!
One easy exercise is to count it out..


Now the numbers are down strokes and the "and"'s are the up strokes. then play with it..

Play one... two-and-three... four..

two down strokes, an up stroke, and a down stroke... it'll be 4 counts.. or one measure...

It's going to take practice..
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generally downstrokes on the downbeats, upstrokes on the upbeat.

Try your strumming patterns with the strings muted, so you're only using your right hand (if you're right handed).

Come up with really basic rhythmic patterns for yourself. Start with something simple like all upbeats, and then slowly add more complexity.

And COUNT! Rhythm is musical distance, and you need to know where you are at all times.