Which site/source do you find most accurate or reliable? Imdb? Rotten Tomatoes? Metacritic? Netflix? Some other site? This needs to be known.
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Your own opinion.

When looking up movies to watch i just look for the plot.

Reviews are all over the place. Its just personal preference.

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If you use the rating system on Netflix it will predict what you would rate other titles by comparing your ratings to others users. That system has been pretty accurate for me.
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I don't read reviews because why would I piss about reading what someone thinks about something instead of just watching it myself.

Do you trust other people's tastes that you know? It's kinda the same thing with reviewers.
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It's not hard to be nice, but it's nice to be hard
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Do you trust other people's tastes that you know? It's kinda the same thing with reviewers.

I take people's tastes into account if it's them telling me about a thing I've not heard about, but if I already know something exists then I'm not gonna go round asking what everyone thinks of it before I watch it, I'm just gonna watch it and find out if I like it for myself
i think if it scores at least a 6/10 on imdb it can't be that bad.
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I like allmovie's ratings, but, as everyone says, it's pretty subjective. IMDB requires some user/genre interpretation to get you anywhere. Plot is usually what drives me to watch something, regardless. But yeah, allmovie's ratings ( editor's, not users ) and reviews are usually cool to me ( though there are exceptions as always ).
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There are a few critics whose opinion i respect, but they have wildly opposing views on certain films, so it's kind of hard to not take what they say with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, if i have a good feeling about a film, i would watch it and make up my own mind on whether it's good or not.

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Rotten tomatoes for critic reviews. Usually fine with the overall rating for well liked films and any issue I have is more because I hated the theme/story/actors rather than feeling the film was objectively bad.

For films that look interesting but are average/bad rated on Rotten Tomatoes, I use IMDB because the views are more wider ranging than 'objective leaning film critic/snob'. I've ended up watching a good amount of fun films that I would've otherwise have passed on, based on an enthusiastic IMDB review.

Metacritic is awful though. Critic sample is too small and the users reviews are generally bad quality and prone to bandwagoning.

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I tend to stick with IMDB if I want a general idea, but I won't let the rating turn me away from a movie that I think sounds interesting.

I figure most movies on IMDB have several thousand ratings, so they ought to be rather accurate.