I have only found one website that sell a momentary stomp switch that is normally closed and is soft touch. Small bear electronics.com. I'm hooking up a homemade tap tempo to a boss dd-7 and orderd all the parts except the switch. The problem is that small bear isn't a secure site for or ding thing while using personal info; like a credit card. (that little lock that's before the HTML link in your search bar either doesn't appear or it has a yellow triangle over it, telling that the site isn't secure.) I'm not taking any chances of having my credit card info being retrieved by the wrong people.
It would be helpful if anyone could share a link where they sell the switch. It HAS to be a normally closed (boss doesn't work well with normally open), soft touch (no click when you depress the switch), and obviously a momentary switch. I think tayra electronics might sell them but I'm not ordering there either.

Please and thanks

And I have ordered tons of stuff from Smallbear with no problems.
I've been buying stuff from them for years.
Smallbear itself does not keep your credit card info on file, just your name and address and other related info for shipping purposes.
Smallbear is used by a VERY large majority of the DIY community and I have yet to hear of any problems from anyone about them.
Although I did have a shipping issue with them once, but they were in the middle of moving to a new location at the time.
And their customer service is top notch.
And last I checked, Smallbear lets you use Paypal for payment.

I emailed Steve at Smallbear so he could tell his side of things here to alleviate TS's concerns should he choose to do so.
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Well then I'll have to reconsider my position. Thanks. This honestly saved me a lot of trouble.

We do not record credit card info. According to my hosting company, some browsers don't recognize my store as secure because some of the images on my site have absolute, rather than relative, web addresses. While this issue does not affect the security of the shopping cart, we will get it straightened out. Please shop with confidence