16 years ago, I got my first PS4 for Christmas (I was 17). 12 years ago, a pill head in Southern Ohio stole it from my home. Jackson had stopped making them, and I was broke up until this year.

3 Months ago, I found a PS4 on Craigslist (same color and everything) so I bought her!

Her last owner took out the bridge pickup and installed a single EMG-81. He left the original single coil middle and humbucking neck pickups in the guitar, but severed the leads on them at 2" from the pickups themselves.

I want my baby back to the original specs I had in her predecessor 12 years ago. I'm attempting to do the proper surgery, but I don't wanna **** this up. So I called Jackson to get the specs on the type of pickups used in the PS-4. Problem is that Fender never got the spec sheet for the PS-4 after Fender bought Jackson. They can't tell me what kind of pickups were used, what kind of wire to look for, etc.

I'm a guitar maintenance newb, and only truthfully learned to solder and set up and replace parts so that I could eventually restore my PS4 (though now some in my area are calling me the guitar doctor after I worked on their axes, I don't feel I deserve this name just because I'm very meticulous with my setup work. I'm too new at it. Literally have only been working on guitars since November).

Since I can't get the original specs, I can't find out what pickups were used. If I can't find out what pickups were used, I can't find out what to buy as replacements if I screw mine up.

Can anyone out there help?

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Pickups wise it has a Jackson J70 neck pickup (humbucker), Jackson J135 middle pickup (single coil), and a Jackson J70 bridge pickup (humbucker). It has a five-way pickup selector as well as 2 knobs, one for volume and one for tone.

here ya go.

wasn't that hard.
ayy lmao
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Dont post shit like this in the pit when someone is stoned. It's very confusing and it's very ridiculous.

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